"There is no way out for the Arab world except books"

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Frankfurt book fair leads the publishing world this week

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2016 Prize: An Overview So Far

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The International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF) is one of the most prestigious and important literary prizes in the Arab world.

Its aim is to reward excellence in contemporary Arabic creative writing and to encourage the readership of high quality Arabic literature internationally through the translation and publication of winning and shortlisted novels in other major languages.

In addition to the annual prize, IPAF supports literary initiatives and in 2009 launched its inaugural nadwa (writers’ workshop) for aspiring writers from across the Arab world.

The Prize is run with the support of the Booker Prize Foundation in London and funded by TCA Abu Dhabi in the UAE.

Although the prize is often referred to as the ‘Arabic Booker’, this is not instigated or endorsed at all by IPAF or the Booker Prize Foundation which are two completely separate, independent organisations, and IPAF is not in any way connected with the Man Booker Prize.


Previous Years

You can find a complete history of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction here. Information on all the winners, shortlisted and longlisted...

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    One of the main aims of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction is to encourage the translation of Arabic literature into...

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