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IPAF winner Mohammed Achaari to lead literary masterclass

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Abdul-Kareem Jouaity

Abdul-Kareem Jouaitly

Abdul-Kerim Jouaity was born in Beni Mellal, capital of the Tadla-Azilal province of Morocco in 1962 and currently works as director of the Ministry of Culture for this region. He has had several novels published including Night of the Sun (Union of Moroccan Writers Publications,1992) which won the Writers’ Union Prize; Celebrations of Death (East Africa Publications, 1996), translated into French; Yellow Morella (Irtiyad al-Afaq Publications, 2002) and Platoon of Ruin (Arabic Cultural Centre, 2007). He has also published other books and translations.  

  • Platoon of Ruin

    Platoon of Ruin 2009

Previous Years

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