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Book Synopsis:
Don't Tell Your Nightmare!

Abdel Wahab al-Hamadi

Don't Tell Your Nightmare! takes place in Kuwait and gives a glimpse of the shadowy sectarianism and racism of Kuwaiti society just before the Arab Spring. It also reveals the illegal torture happening behind the scenes in detention camps.

Bassam, a young man from a respectable family, is disturbed by nightmares of a man begging for help because someone is trying to kill him. Whilst picking apart the meaning of his dream, the story also picks apart Bassam's relationships: with a lover who disappeared, to his relationship with his best friend, and with the Sheikh who interprets dreams. The more progress he makes in his attempts to find the girl or interpret the dream, the more unclear things become. Events come to a head when he is struck down by a fever and then wakes to find a message on his phone from the vanished lover, asking him to join her in Beirut.

about the author

Abdel Wahab al-Hamadi is a Kuwaiti writer, born in 1979. He works for a petrochemical company and also runs a tourism company specialising in historical tours. He writes for the Kuwaiti Al-Qabas newspaper and the electronic newspaper, Sabr. He has published three books: Andalusian Paths (travel writing, 2011), Ababeel Birds (novel, 2012) and Don't Tell Your Nightmare! (novel, 2014). 

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Previous Years

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