Ahmad Abdulatif


Author Profile: 

Ahmad Abdulatif is an Egyptian novelist, translator, journalist and researcher, born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1978 and currently living in Madrid, Spain. He has a BA in Spanish Language and Literature, an MA in Arabic Literature, and is preparing his doctoral thesis on the Arabic novel for the Autonomous University of Madrid. He has published a short story collection and seven novels. His first, The Keymaker (2010), won the 2011 Egyptian State Encouragement Prize; his third, The Book of the Sculptor (2013), won the 2015 Sawiris Cultural Award; and his fifth, The Earthen Fortress, was IPAF-longlisted in 2018, translated into Spanish in 2019, and then shortlisted for the 2020 Sawiris Cultural Award. His short story collection, Mark Zuckerberg and His Legendary Birds (2021), won the Sawiris Cultural Award in the short stories category. Abdulatif has written and translated for the cultural press since 2003 and has translated more than thirty books from Spanish into Arabic. In 2013, he won the Egyptian National Centre for Translation Award for his translation of Infinity in the Palm of Her Hand by Gioconda Belli.