Flowers in Flames

Amir Tag Elsir

Khamila has inherited her Italian mother's beauty and her father's wealth. Nearly 20, she returns from Egypt, where she has been studying aesthetics, to her cosmopolitan home town 'Al-Sur'. Suddenly, scrawling appears on the walls that has been carried out by a group calling themselves 'Remembrance and History', who declare war upon infidels and take over the town, slaughtering its inhabitants. The women become objects of pleasure for the princes of the religious revolution, flowers of many colours eaten by the flames. An era has ended and a new one has begun. Khamila, whose name is now 'N'anaa'a, waits to be married off to one of the princes, perhaps even their leader: 'the Pious One', himself.  


Dar Al Saqi


2018 Shortlist