Mbarek Rabi


Author Profile: 

Mbarek Rabi is a Moroccan short story writer and novelist, born in 1940. He is an Emeritus Professor and researcher specialising in Psychology. He founded the Moroccan Writers’ Union and was formerly Dean of the College of Arts, Mohammed V University in Rabat. He has won a number of Moroccan and Arab prizes for his short story collections and novels, such as the Sultan Qaboos Award for Literature (2006) and the Asila Arts Festival Prize for the Arabic Novel (2008). Some of his fictional work has been translated into other languages. His novels include: In the Company of Weapons and the Moon (1976), His Unequalled Beauty (1984), Trilogy of the Sultan’s Alley (2000), White People (2011), February Love (2014), Strand of the Spirit (2015), longlisted for the 2016 Sheikh Zayed Book Award, and The Sniper and the Palace (2017).