Charafdine Majdouline (Chair)

2019 Judge

Judge Profile: 

Charafdine Majdouline(Chair) is a Moroccan critic and academic, specialising in Aesthetics, Verbal and Visual Narratives and Comparative Studies. He is a member of the teaching staff at the National Institute of Fine Arts, Tetouan, and the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Mohammed V University, Rabat, where he is also a member of the Comparative Studies group workshop. Since 2014, he has co-ordinated the literary programme at the Asila Festival and he has been a judge or consultant for several prizes, literature journals and publishers. He is a regular contributor to the Moroccan and Arab cultural press and writes a weekly column in the London-based Al-Arab newspaper. In 2007, he won the Moroccan Book Prize, in the literary criticism category. Among his published works are: The Declaration of Sheherazade: Generic Formations of Imagery in the Arabian Nights (2001), The Narrative Image: Novel, Short Story and Cinema (2006), Taming the Story: Reading Narrative Heritage (2007), Stories of Images: Critical Interpretations (2010), Seduction and the Other: Patterns of Otherness in Arabic Narrative (2010) and The Reader of the Novel: Details and Manifestations (2017).