Zhang HongYi

2019 Judge

Judge Profile: 

Zhang HongYi is a Chinese academic, translator and researcher. She is Dean of the College of Arabic Language at the School of International Studies, Peking University, Deputy Head of the Committee for the Teaching of Arabic Language affiliated to the Ministry of Education, and Deputy Head of the Chinese Council for Research into Arabic Literature. In her teaching career of 40 years, she has written the material for several university modules, including What’s New in the Arabic Language, Arabic Literary Texts in the Modern and Contemporary Eras and Selections from Literary Texts. She has published articles and research papers in both Arabic and Chinese, including Modern Arabic Poetry in the Shadow of Globalisation (2009) and Psychological Literature in China and the Arab World (2011). She has translated classical Chinese books into Arabic and a number of works of Arabic literature into Chinese, including The Animists (Al-Majus), a novel by Ibrahim al-Koni.