Pierre Abi Saab

2020 Judge

Judge Profile: 

Pierre Abi Saab is a Lebanese critic and journalist, born in Lebanon in 1961. Since the 1970s, he has followed creative trends and varieties of cultural expression in Lebanon and the Arab world, from North Africa to the Middle East. He has worked as a literary and artistic critic, located in Paris, London and Beirut, for newspapers and periodicals, including Al-Safir, Al-Youm al-7, Al-Hayat and Arabies, with the aim of renewing the tools of cultural journalism in the Arab world. In 2004, he co-founded (with a group of new critics and artists) and edited Corners: Newspaper of Live Culture for Arab Youth, and in 2006, he co-founded the Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper, and edited its cultural page. He has also taken part in cultural television programmes, such as his most recent series of interviews with the poet Adonis, broadcast by the pan-Arab Mayadin channel. In 2018, these interviews were published in book form by Dar al-Adab. He now works as deputy editor of Al-Akhbar.