Huda al-Naimi

2012 Judge

Judge Profile: 

Qatari writer and academic Huda al-Naimi grew up in a small town near, Doha, capital city of Qatar. She studied Physics at the University of Qatar before moving to Cairo in 1990, where she obtained a Master’s degree from Ain Shams University and then a doctorate in Nuclear Physics from Cairo University. She began to write during her time in Cairo and went on to have three short story collections and one book of literary criticism published there. On her return to Qatar in 2000 she became Director of the safety department in the Hamad Medical Corporation in Doha and has worked there ever since. In addition to her career as a scientist, she is also heavily involving in the Qatari arts scene, and has been a member of the National Council for Culture in Qatar for several years. She has been involved in several programmes and projects in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture, including organising events such as ‘Doha Arabic Capital of Culture 2010’and Qatar as guest of honour at the Sudanese Book Fair in Khartoum 2011.