Maysalun Hadi


Author Profile: 

Maysalun Hadi is an Iraqi writer, born in 1954. She graduated in 1976 from the Statistics Department in the College of Administration and Economics, Baghdad University. Her fictional output includes 15 novels and 10 short story collections, as well as translations and children’s literature. She has written many articles on Iraq, the wider Arab world and various Arab women’s issues. Some of her stories have been translated into several languages and her novel Prophecy of Pharoah (2007) appeared in English in 2011. Some of her writing has been adapted for radio and television, and her novel A Light Pink Dream (2009) was made into a film. She won the 2015 Katara Prize for the Arabic Novel for Throne and Stream, in the unpublished novel category. The book was published the following year and translated into English and French. Maysalun Hadi lives in Baghdad.