Mohammed's Brothers

Maysalun Hadi

Mohammed's Brothers sees a female novelist warmly welcomed to a new neighborhood by a young female neighbor, aspiring writer Ursheena. On arrival, Ursheena asks the more experienced novelist to read her first novel and offer her comments. She is initially reluctant; concerned it will spoil her peace and quiet and waste her precious time, but finally agrees to the request. Ursheena comes to listen humbly to the feedback of “the mentor” as she calls her and they discuss their neighbours, who are all called Mohammed. Ursheena loves “the brothers Mohammed” so much that she leaves the ending of her novel open, in case a tragic end befalls them if she abides by the facts. Her “mentor” tells her off for this, Her “mentor” tells her off for this, and then an event occurs in the alley which is itself the required ending.


Dar al-Dhakira


2019 Longlist